Taking into account that from that today, gaming world has advanced so much that it became part of the lives of people with different ages, we have decided to make Nexus, a website that will provide cheats and hacks and will enable gamers to fully enjoy their favorite games.

Large number of game makers today make the games hard and make some of the game levels impossible to complete without buying in app purchases and other in-game items.

Games have become locked behind different payments. For example to get to the next level you have to have enough coins, gems or other currency and if you don’t you have to buy them. Even if you accept that and agree to buy items there are advertisements and other annoying offers that make you very frustrated and disappointed and it’s not simple as sit and play.

With the goal of avoiding these obstacles and make you enjoy games and their content we have created Nexus Game Cheats and Hacks were you can get all the hacks and cheats in a safe and enjoyable way, we have also formed a large list of game cheats that is spanning for more than 14 000 games. There are cheats that will allow you to enjoy games without getting frustrated and it’s all free.

Contents of Nexus

This site represents a large database of different cheats and hacks for android and iOS games that spans over 14 thousand games of different types, most popular and most played games in this and years before.

This is in fact a database that contains the games whether you are casual or hardcore gamer, categories spanning from trivia to action and RPG.

Each game has it’s own theme that makes it special and it needs different ways of thinking to beat each level.

Our database contains different tips and tricks for every game

Advancements in technology have allowed us to access gaming from multiple devices which makes these cheats even more fragmented, because of that we have sorted the steps to unlock cheats for iOS and android separately.

How Nexus Works

This website contains content that is formulated so that you can choose what game you want and what in-app purchases you want to hack. Games are updated frequently so we update our cheats for latest versions too.

When you enter the article where you game is, you can find list of hacks that are available for android, ios and tablet devices. We have latest version hacks and those that for for other devices in case these don’t. You can hack any in-app purchase, choose currency like gems, gold, diamonds etc. It depends on each game.

The tutorial is really simple to use, all you have to do is to scroll down to the end of the article and follow the instructions, you don’t have to install anything on your device as this all works online and is 100% safe without bans and other annoyances.

Why we made Nexus

This project is work of a large team of experts from different programming languages and people who enjoy games at the same time.

We play these games every day too. When we gamed we found that there are a lot of obstacles that prevent you from enjoying games and we found a way to skip those annoyances and enjoy the games.

From day to day we have created cheats and made them simple for you to use, and have created every cheat on this site in a way you can enjoy too.

By going through all these obstacles in making these cheats we came to the idea that we need to collect all these cheats and share them with other people.

As we have mentioned later, world of gaming because so much more than it was earlier and more diverse. Because of this we will try hard to make new cheats and new hacks for games that are released to give you complete enjoyment over your gaming.


Dear visitors, we hope we helped you.

Yours, Nexus.